Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You can never really escape Catholic school

I went to Catholic school for 5 years (starting in kindergarten) when we lived in upstate NY. My family is definitely not Catholic, but it was the most economical private school in an area where the public schools were not good. It was a pretty hippie Catholic school, the kind with guitar-playing nuns and "modern" hymns. Good times.

Anyway, I've decided to give up all sweets (except for small amounts of dark chocolate) for Lent. I don't remember the last time I gave anything up for Lent, because I'm usually unaware of when it begins and only have a 50% shot at guessing which month Easter falls in. However, this year I'm on the ball. I hope this will break my sugar craving cycle and help my hypoglycemic tendencies. I've read that hypoglycemia doesn't exist in the way we think; instead, it's withdrawal symptoms from a diet rich in sugar, fat, animal products, and salt. Sugar seems to be the major hurdle for me.

I've done OK so far, but I admit I had a few bites of a dessert at my parents' house, and an oatmeal cookie. I hope this blog will keep me honest from now on.


Anonymous said...

I'm hypoumamic. I dream of veggie bacon from the bacon tree.


ceri said...

wow, Amy, i salute you. i'm such a sugar addict, as you know. i bet giving up sweets for lent would help to break the addiction. when does lent start? maybe i'll catch it next year.

Amy said...

HS, you of all people appreciate my desire to kick the hypoglycemia, I'm sure. Ceri, Lent starts the day after Mardi Gras (I think it was Feb 20). It hasn't been too bad so far. I just have to be careful not to substitute potato chips for sweets. You can join me if you like! Jesus doesn't care if you missed the start of Lent.

Fin De Fichier said...

Catholic? No, definitely not!