Monday, August 20, 2007

The company you keep

Many of you have probably read the results of the study that found people tend to have similar weight ranges(fat, thin) as their friends and family. This is not a big surprise and I've witnessed it in many circumstances myself. For example, one branch of my family is all overweight and food is the center of any social activity. The fact is, it is really hard to resist junk food or too much food when you are hanging out with unhealthy eaters or overeaters. That is one of the more minor reason why I am happy to be with Hot Slice. He is very dedicated to a healthy diet and lifestyle and I know it's good for my health to be around him.

When I was growing up, my parents were pretty alternative in food choices. They weren't vegetarians--I'm still the only one in my family who is. However, they joined a food co-op, only let me drink the aforementioned 100% juice, and even made my teething biscuits from scratch because the commercial brand had too much sugar.

Here's a list of the good and bad food habits my parents instilled in me.

--taught me to cook at a very early age
--almost never had processed foods around
--limited my sweet consumption
--got me in the habit of bringing my lunch (much cheaper, and almost always lower in calories and fat)
--never had soda around, so I never developed a taste for it
--not directly a food habit, but taught me the joys of exercising, even if it was just a walk

--as I got older, I noticed that Mom saw junk food as a reward. I still see it as a "treat" and that has been a very hard habit to break. Our special nights when Dad was travelling always involved a bag of cheese puffs or other unhealthy food
--encouraged me to drink milk, a habit I only recently broke
--that is really all the bad stuff. I am lucky!

I'm curious to hear the good and bad food habits that were a part of your upbringing.


Kumudha said...

-always had fruits around, so fruits were sort of a snack

-used to drink a glass of milk daily while growing up
-used ghee, butter-milk , milk regularly

sarah.lawrance said...

lol i don't have any food-related horror story-like experiences of my own to recount, though i do have this little book called "southern fried rat, and other gruesome tales' which is pretty much a compilation of urban legends of that ilk

sarah.lawrance said...

woops! i just realized that tidbit was a little late. my bad!

Theresa said...

Ugh, my parents are such big meat eaters. And snack-food eaters. And convenience food eaters. But, my mum didn't let us drink much soda when we were young, and we always had fruit and veg. I think one of the best food habits they instilled in me was not to waste food.

And I do find risotto a hugely time-consuming activity. Because you have to stir constantly, I make sure all the veggies, herbs, rice, etc is chopped, measured, and otherwise prepped before I start. And you have to make the stock, and then stand at the stove for 30 minutes stirring the ENTIRE time. It's a good arm workout! I find it works best when Andy and I decide to cook together.

Tjiana said...

my mom never let me eat chicken skin... that was a good habit but it doesn't matter now cos i don't eat chicken at all anymore!

she also encouraged me to blot the oil out of fries....

Veggie said...

-we ate desserts rarely
-didn't drink pop
-no sugar cereals
-ate raw vegetables or peanuts
and raisins as a snack

-my mother would try and force me to drink milk at every meal. (I've always hated it.)
-we always had chips and dip on Saturday night, so I developed an addiction to chips and fatty foods.