Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yoga food

I found a great new source of recipes: the recipe section of Kripalu's website.

Kripalu is a yoga center in the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts. I've been there twice. I actually prefer Yogaville, which is a lot closer to me, because Kripalu can (but certainly does not always) attract a lot of people who seem to have what I call the Yoga Journal lifestyle. That's where people become caught up in acquiring things like diamond OM necklaces and $500 meditation chairs, which is more than a bit ironic. I don't mean to malign Yoga Journal subscribers nor Kripalu fans. I enjoyed my time at Kripalu very much, I just think Yogaville is a little simpler and I prefer that style of yoga retreat.

One of the best things about going to either yoga retreat is that vegetarian/vegan food is varied, abundant, and I don't have to expend any effort to make it or clean up afterwards! Both places have good food, but Kripalu has the edge in food, I think. So I was very happy to see Kripalu recipes online.

I'm intrigued by the Brazil Nut Bars, and I think I could make a fine meal out of
maple ginger tofu,
pecan wild rice pilaf, some kind of vegetable (HS, want to chop some more broccoli?), and
cinnamon soymilk pudding. The temperature has recently dropped here and that sounds like a great fall meal, no?


Theresa said...

I recently went on a cookbook spree at the library, and I got the Kundalini Yoga Cookbook. The recipe measurements are all for handfulls of this and pinches of that, and it's largely fruit and veggie based food--very little tofu or anything. The recipes I've tried so far are yummy, and I feel *good* after eating them.

Monika K said...

Those brazil nut bars sound tasty! I'm intrigued by the retreat center. I've always preferred pilates to yoga but the idea of a weekend away where my meals are prepared for me sounds tempting....

Anonymous said...

pretty carrots :)

Bineet said...

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