Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In which I try to poison my husband

I know my updates have been sporadic and incomplete lately. Many forces (work, social life, charity work, housework, The Wire) are in a tug-of-war for my time and updating my blog is not winning. I'll be updating when I can/ want to, but it probably won't be every week.

I've been trying a few new or so-old-they're-new recipes over the past few weeks. Last night we had pasta with mushroom sauce, which is deliciously rich and complex, but easy to make (and vegan). I think the secret is the generous amount of red wine. The alcohol burns off during cooking...or does it? If anyone wants the recipe, leave a comment.

I also made a broccoli-tofu stirfry with a hoisin-based sauce. Because I'm not sure if I like hoisin, I told the Mr. "I have to warn you that this sauce includes hoisin..." Before I could continue, he said, "POISON?? The sauce is POISON??" Heh heh.

Tonight I'm excited about going to see Bryant Terry, the author of Vegan Soul Kitchen, speak at our local library. Will they serve food in the library? I hope so but I'm skeptical. Does anyone have his cookbook? It's getting a lot of buzz around here.

I tend to be unduly hard on myself when I miss a workout or eat something that's not good for me. I got a dose of perspective when I was in a class last week. At the beginning of the class, they put out a plate of doughnuts, muffins, bagels, etc. People devoured them and got coke or coffee during the breaks. Then huge plates of cookies and brownies appeared each day after lunch, and people helped themselves to about 4 or 5 pieces each. At one time, I would have been carbo-loading right along with them. I'm not trying to sound judgmental, but watching their eating habits reinforced to me how far I've come in overhauling my diet. It feels good to be healthy.

PS: I'm now on Twitter.


Brea said...

I would love the recipe!! It sounds delish (and anything with red wine in the sauce is always a winner!!)

Amy said...

Recipe coming on Friday!

Theresa said...

I hope they give you lots of yummy and healthy food at the Terry Bryant gig. I know what you mean about watching other people eat, and not wanting to judge, but feeling relieved with your own habits. I can't help but notice what other people have in their trolleys when I'm at the supermarket checkout. I kinda want to gag when I see the amount of softdrink, packaged meals, and sugary garbage they pile in!

sarah.lawrance said...

i have the book!!! but you knew that. haven't tried any recipes yet as we haven't had a refrigerator for over a week (again). But we're moving over the next two weeks, so I will be able to cook again soon!!!

Peter said...

I have a similar experience when ever I told Suzette that I went out to lunch at a tapas restaurant. A topless restaurant and a funny look. Have to work on my Spanish accent. Of course that little humorous pratfall doesn't happen since there are no tapas restaurant in Dayton, although there are plenty of topless ones.
Hope all is well.
Perhaps we will all get to share a vegan meal at the end of year holiday period. We will be in town. Keep the Poison at bay so Mr. Husband can join us.

Veggie said...

hoisin, "POISON?? The sauce is POISON??" That's a funny one, Amy thanks for the laugh.