Monday, April 9, 2007

Breaking the dessert fast

As I've posted before, I set out to spend the 40 days between Mardi Gras and Easter dessert-free, except for small amounts of dark chocolate. How did that work out for me? Overall, it was a huge success. I think the sugar cravings monster has abandoned me for easier prey. Yes, I had dessert about once a week, using the well-known loophole in Lenten rules that says it's OK to indulge on Sundays. That seems to be a pattern that I can stick with for the longer term--at least, I'll try. It also brought home to me how sugar affects me. As with caffeine, I felt the energy slump and white carb craving much more powerfully after I stopped having sugar regularly.

I'm not religious at all, but my parents came over for Easter dinner, though the focus was more of a birthday party for my mom than an Easter celebration. I made pine nut-crusted fish or tofu, broccoli, and a tasty bulghur pilaf (recipe to come) with help from my sous-chef. For dessert, we made maple cake with maple buttercream, which turned out excellent. Maple is such a lovely flavor--sweet but not too sweet, and almost haunting for me (help, I'm being haunted by a leaf! maybe I'm just on edge after the movie we saw this weekend). It's strange to think that it's really tree sap. It's one of the flavors I've missed the most when I've lived overseas. The cake was not vegan (I had a lot of cooking to do and didn't want to risk converting the recipe and having it flop), but I might try it again sometime in a vegan form.

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Katyola said...

Ooh, I love maple too. We had Sam's Club birthday cake for Easter with buttercream icing. So good.