Saturday, December 8, 2007

David Blaine: Visionary or Wacko?

(I started writing this post many days ago, hence the back-date.)

In keeping with the topic from my last post, I was intrigued by this news item about David Blaine's next stunt.

He plans to stay awake for at least 11.5 days. Standing up, even. Now, I've read about keeping people awake and on their feet for 36 hours plus: as a torture technique. How is DB going to come through with his faculties intact? It all comes down to diet.

"I'm on a raw diet that includes brown rice. No red meat. No animal products besides cooked fish...we already know dietary restriction is a retardation of aging and disease. When you overeat your body must work and it gets tired. If I eat medicinally, my body will be entire."

David Blaine: proof that a mostly-vegan diet gives you superpowers. (But is he going to eat that brown rice raw?)


sarah.lawrance said...

regardless of what you're (not) eating, i thought staying awake that long could kill a person!

Theresa said...

How is it raw if he's eating cooked fish? Also, like you said, the brown rice?

I personally think he's a bit of a wacko. Have you seen the South Park episode about David Blaine? It's hilarious.

Masked Magician said...

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Anonymous said...

david blaine is serious, and whatever he says is true, i do that shit, drink water for 3 days and can fly,