Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Food for thought

I'll get back to blogging about food, rather than just about food-related issues, in a week or two. I moved last weekend and real estate transactions are on the horizon; I'm just a little superstitious about them until all's said and done. Those things, combined with not having a stove for nearly 3 weeks, and having a really bad bout of bronchitis, have made it hard to cook much.

This book is on my wish list. The author photographed 30 families from around the world surrounded by the food they ate during a week.

I found this contrast especially interesting.
1. Here is a family from North Carolina who spent $341.98 on food that week:

2. And a family from Chad who spent $1.23 on food that week:


Kumudha said...

This book is great!
I remember seeing this book in the bookstore last year.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I saw an article on this in either Time or Newsweek, where they showed families from all different countries-- so interesting to see.

Theresa said...

The difference is striking, isn't it.

Zandria said...

I've heard about that book! Very cool idea. :)

Vegetation said...

I think the contrast between the families in this book is incredible. It fascinates me to see what we (we being people who have access to loads of junk) spend up big on and what is really necessary to survive.

Veggie said...

I remember seeing an article about this sometime last year, it's so interesting to see an example of what people are eating around the world.

Also scary and in some cases surprising to see the huge amounts of fast food/junk food that people are eating around the world.