Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the fact that it has been 80 degrees here more than one day this month. This may be the new normal for our poor fevered planet, but my closet is still stocked with winter clothes and I'm still prone to making winter dishes. Last weekend, when I actually had to use the air conditioning, I made lentil soup. The picture shows my Good Mother Stallard beans from Rancho Gordo, soaking. I was thinking about making a bean and vegetable stew with them, but that doesn't seem seasonally appropriate. So my new plan is to make a taco salad-esque entree.

Today I went out and bought ingredients to make the Pineapple Cashew Quinoa stir-fry in Veganomicon. So now I've got a fresh pineapple sitting on my counter, ready to usher in spring. I also went to the farmer's market this morning (it ends at 10:30 am and you don't want to know what time it starts) and bought heaps of strawberries and two delicious filo dough creations from the Filo Dough Lady. She has at least half a dozen different varieties of little filo squares, and many are vegan. I passed up the mushroom and green lentil/bulghur varieties this week, but I bought black bean/rice/chipotle and apricot/ricotta.

What are your favorite spring dishes?

Oh, and I know I haven't been a very consistent blogger lately, but I hope to improve. The other transition in my life (the change in my tax filing status a few months hence) has been cutting into my blogging time, but that's OK.


Veggie said...

It would be fun to sample some different varieties of beans, I've never seen that kind before.

I have a fresh pineapple that will soon be ripe, that recipe sounds like a good idea.

Favourite spring dishes?
rhubarb crisp and Mexican food.

ceri said...

favourite spring dish = cold beer.
oh, and soft tacos made with morningstar veggie crumbles with fajita seasoning. very yummy!

Katyola said...

"Change in tax filing status"? How romantic! Also, I see no reason to shun soup in the summer time. I tend to make lighter ones (no cream, no stews), and of course chilled soups can be great. I didn't make it myself, but I had a cup of roasted red pepper soup for lunch this week. Basically it was peppers stuck in a blender with some parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Delicious! Oh, and another fun recipe to go with Ceri's tacos:

Mighty (simple) guacamole:

4-5 tomatillos, chopped
3 avocados, mashed
juice from 1 lime
salt to taste

Mix with fork or mixing wand, or pulse briefly in food processor.

Theresa said...

Ha, the change in your tax filing status. It took me a second, but then I remembered what you mean :)

It's autumn here, so I can hardly remember what spring dishes taste like... I'm having vague flashbacks of lemon-pepper asparagus.

Vegetation said...

Hi! Thanks for thinking of me in regards to the Hemp Oil. I haven't tried taking it because for some dumb reason, in Australia, you can wash your hair with hemp, you can massage the oil into your skin and feed hemp products to your pets, but it's illegal to actually ingest anything. Because of this most hemp products in Australia can't be guaranteed yet (although hemp milk seems to have snuck into the market in the last couple of weeks so fingers crossed that silly law has changed!). I'll definitely give it a go as soon as I'm permitted (how ridiculous :P)