Wednesday, April 23, 2008


At the request of HS, I've been taking a teaspoon or two of hempseed oil a day. He pointed out that it helps mitigate PMS symptoms. Now, why would he say a thing like that? I need you to tell me why (wail!).

Anyway. Too soon to tell if I'll enjoy that benefit yet, but it does have a yummy flavor and my skin has been breakout-free since I've started taking it.

HS is going for the fish oil, himself, and the chronically dry skin on his forehead has cleared right up. See, it's all about the Omega 3-s. There's, like, three different kinds. Two kinds are used pretty easily by the body, the other kind is not. Algae supplements and fish oil contain DHA. Fish oil also contains EPA. Flaxseed and walnuts contain ALA, the type that isn't as easily used. Hempseed oil is best for the ratio of Omega 6-s to Omega 3-s, a balance that is out of whack for people in most "developed" countries.

Why should you care? The list of Omega 3 benefits is long and contains short-terms (better skin, better mood) and long-terms (better...chance of staying cancer-free?). Especially pertinent to me is its calming effect on blood sugar wackiness. Anyway, I'll report back on the benefits of the hempseed oil in a month or two!


fatbiscuit said...

i'm sure i need some omega-3s (no meat or fish for me). taylor bought some fish oil caplets from trader joe's, but they're massive so i have a hard time getting them down. also, i kinda get grossed out thinking about "fish" oil. would hemp seed oil be a good choice for me?

also, scott m. seems really excited about his new condo, doesn't he? are you reading this scott m?

Anonymous said...

Yes, i've become an omega man (my apologies Charleston, rip)
My incessant googling has revealed that we get way too much oil from omega 6 sources (corn, sunflower, safflower etc...) Someone with a high school chemistry education could probably tell you the difference between the omega 3 and 6. I think it has something to do with chains and bondage, but i was ADD in chem class.
Hemp oil has a yummy nutty taste, tho you might find it takes some getting used to. Good second choice if the fish oil isn't appealing.

robotslingshot said...

I love hemp seeds! I've never tried the oil, but they taste great in milk. Thanks for the post, I'm always taking flax oil. Its interesting to note the better balance of Omegas in the hemp seed oil.


VeggieGirl said...

hooray for hemp! :0)