Thursday, May 1, 2008

Be realistic. Demand the impossible.

In honor of May Day, the above is a slogan from the May 68 uprising. When I was in Paris in March, there were all kinds of great new books about Mai 68 as the 40th anniversary approached. One that I purchased for HS had very thick cardboard pages and was in a block shape with sand pasted to the cover, so it looked like a paving stone.

This week, I've been enjoying a yellow split pea soup with Indian spices and spiced yogurt as a garnish. The yogurt is simply plain yogurt mixed with turmeric (which has all kinds of good medicinal properties), cumin, paprika, cayenne, and salt. What I like about this is that savory yogurt is much more unexpected than sweet yogurt. I like challenging my tastebuds with familiar foods used in unexpected ways. For example:
--salty, briny preserved lemons
--peaches in a chunky salsa with black beans
--chickpea flour used in sweet baked goods
--breakfast muffins with quinoa and black beans
--a few squares of dark chocolate added to bean-based chili

So, in the spirit of rebellion, how have you used familiar foods unconventionally?


Anonymous said...

i used an english muffin to play air hockey.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

mmmm peach salsa is one of my absolute favorite foods EVER!

sarah.lawrance said...

I can't think of much to say re: food, but I can relate a story re: MayDay!

What follows was written by a dear, dear friend of mine with whom I marched on MayDay (in Ottawa, ON), intending to recount our experience for some of his non-activist civil-servant friends. I'm passing it along hoping to perhaps shock and inspire some of y'all, and hoping, too, that perhaps you'll pass along this story as I am doing now.

"May Day 2008", or "Why I am what I am, and what you can do about it"

The following is not an argument. It is a report of my observations. You are free to take issue with its one-sidedness and its rhetoric, but be aware that I'm also fully cognizant of these.

Main organizer A.N. in jail, awaiting bail hearing on utterly laughable sounding charges. It is important to note that he was picked up late at night before our planned peaceful rally. This kind of thing sound familiar? So we marched as planned. Stormed we then some dozens the courthouse in solidarity. My first time in this supposedly public building, wherein after peacefully letting us in, the cops promptly beat and shoved us out the other door to the back entrance where the traffic and bustle of Elgin Street couldn't see us. I might add that those of them who punched my comrades in their heads and necks and backs and so on refused to give their names and badge numbers. Rather, simply disappeared back into the building behind the cordon.

I want everyone to pay close attention to this part. We went back around to the front entrance to await word on our comrade's situation. While I stood there with my friends a bike cop behind me tells another bike cop that he wishes he could throw a pipe bomb into the lot of us and take us all out, "PTT PTT PTT" (Those are the sound effects he makes to represent nails or pellets thudding into our bodies). I glare at him and tell him what I think of that, but he just grins at me behind reflective sunglasses, kevlar vest, pistol, handcuffs, pepper spray, taser, whatever the fuck they give to animals like him to kick ass for justice. I'm sorry my flag and my guitar case threatened him so much, but it hardly seems grounds for mangling me and the people I love with shrapnel.

And while [his band] played the infoshop party, celebrating its 1st anniversary and its new space, about 8 or 9 cops stood outside ticketing people coming and going for such oft-enforced and no doubt socially damaging acts as spitting on the sidewalk, walking one's bike on the sidewalk, talking too loud, etc. I guess there were no assaults, date rapes, domestic disturbances, big drug deals, anything like that to attend to.

My point, if I had one, would be that I have one. This stuff is real, and this stuff escalates and self-perpetuates. If nobody in the middle rungs does anything, then it will just be the poor and the police hirelings of capital locked in an increasingly desperate struggle. There are no loveable Leftist mascots in your household or down the street from you. There are desperate people, and there are those of us trying to stop the bleeding.

Theresa said...

Woah, full on story, sarah.lawrance. I went to a lovely march on MayDay and screamed my guts out. But no cops. Then I put some Maya Gold chocolate into my burrito filling. Mango in salsa. I like putting raisins into savoury dishes. You've inspired me to challenge my tastebuts a bit more!