Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kill your television

I don't watch much TV. Maybe 2 hours a week, plus a DVD about twice a month. My current TV is about 6 years old, and when I turned it on last week, it made a popping sound and a red light fluttered urgently for a few hours. The next morning, the light was gone and the thing was completely dead. (NB: I don't recommend Philips electronics. The companion DVD player died about 2 years ago.)

I was thinking of going without a TV until HS and I shack up in a few months, but HS, for one, was not too keen on the idea (something about the NBA finals, but also, we're really enjoying Flight of the Conchords on DVD).

I rummaged around in my parents' basement for an old TV to hook up in the interim. I unearthed my old TV, a Signature 2000 (two thousand!), which dates from the early 90s. It works fine, but seems to have no DVD hookup. Ah well.

I'm writing this because I've lived without a TV for years in the past, and I'd like to hear from people who have chosen not to have a TV. If you don't have one, are you glad? If you do have one, do you ever want to turn it off for good? I often notice that when the TV is on, all attention in the room is focused on it. I don't think this is good. I used to leave it on most of the evening for background noise, but now I much prefer quiet.


Anonymous said...

I do have a TV that I use for watching DVDs, but I don't have TV service of any kind. The reason is purely practical: I recently moved from an apartment that had all utilities paid (including cable) to an apartment that had none. I watched TV so infrequently, around an hour a week, that I couldn't justify spending $40 or so per month for that hour of weekly TV time. Since I already watched it so infrequently, I don't really miss it.

Katyola said...

I watch less than the national average of 29 hours of TV a week, but that's the best I can claim. However, I will direct you to a "This American Life" episode about television.

Katyola said...

And for the non-TV people, does it ever worry you that you might miss something important, like a tornado warning or major news event? Not that that's the only reason I have TV, but it does play a small factor.

Anonymous said...


I have broadband internet at home and at work, so I have enough access to the internet that I get current news from several different sources. As for weather, I just check www.weather.com or www.wunderground.com, or listen to my alarm clock radio if the sky is green or something equally bad.

--Peter, the anon from before

Amy said...

I also meant to add that I've never had cable service. My dad is a radio buff and he's always managed to rig up some kind of antenna that will get a few channels at least.

Like Peter, I rely on the internet a lot more than the TV for news. If I didn't have an internet connection I might worry about missing something huge. But honestly, it seems like they issue severe weather warnings at the drop of a hat.

Katyola said...

Ah, see, I didn't have Internet access at home for more than a year. I don't get most of my news from TV, but if something is going on — especially election results or any event that's changing moment to moment — I like to see how the people on TV interpret it. I am particular about who I watch, though. PBS is more in-depth and at least seems more reliable than some outlets. And Tim Russert and his whiteboard!

Theresa said...

I haven't had a telly for about 18 months now, and I love it. Like you, when we had one it was the centre of attention--even if no one was particularly interested in what was on. Without tv, we both get a lot more work done at home, we have conversations with each other, we play with the cat... we do hook the laptop up to speakers once or twice a week to watch movies or shows on DVD, which is good because their are no ads! We also listen to the radio. Australia's national tv station is also broadcast on the radio, so we listen to the TV news and a few shows, but mostly we just have on music.

Like katyola, I don't have internet at home either. If anything major happens in the world, I will hear it on the radio. I find politicians speaking on the radio more easy to listen to than to watch on tv. The only time I wish for a tv are when I'm hungover (which is not often).

Melody Polakow said...

I grew up with no TV... and it was probably very good for me. Now, I really enjoy TV..

Since I've moved, I watch MUCH less though and have it off most of the time.. and like it..

Anonymous said...

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