Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Not too much going on this month. I'm having friends over for a vegan dinner this weekend; I'll post about that next week. My meals haven't been particularly inspiring lately otherwise. I've been eating things like pasta salad, stir-fries, and veggie burgers. I've also been using the yogurt maker I got for my birthday. I'm making dairy yogurt, but the instruction booklet includes less than enthusiastic directions for using soy milk to make soy-gurt. It does its best to warn you away from that option, since only certain types of soy milk can be used to make soy-gurt. I'm having enough trouble with regular yogurt as it is. It's delicious in flavor, but the consistency is still decidedly thin.

Anyway, I thought I'd write about a few of my favorite vegan spots in DC for anyone who might be visiting this summer. A Northern Virginia installment will follow!

Asylum(Adams Morgan): As HS knows, I kind of hate this place. It's a biker bar by night, but they're locally famous for their vegan brunch on the weekends. Even though it's a favorite place for HS' friends to meet, I always think the food is mediocre at best, and the ambience...well, it's pretty clear that it's a bar. But apparently they have a new chef and things might improve. On the link, scroll down to see the vegan menu.

Dos Gringos (Mount Pleasant): Well, I like Dos Gringos much better. It's actually my favorite brunch place in DC. It is tiny and the most prominent menu is in Spanish. It's not primarily vegan/vegetarian, but there are plenty of options. The great thing about Dos Gringos is that everything is customized. You build a sandwich starting with the bread, and adding yummy things like bean mash or chipotle grilled tofu.

Lunch or Dinner
Java Green (Downtown NW): Guest blogger Hot Slice says: "Try the rice bowl with spicy vegan sausage." I never go to this place since it's out of the way for me (ironic because it's downtown), but I'm going to try to make it there soon. It's a vegetarian cafe where most things are vegan. Everything possible is organic, fair trade, and biodegradable, and it uses carbon offsets.

Tonic (Mount Pleasant): OK, so this place is fairly meat-centric, but what puts it on my heavy rotation list is the half-price burger special, which includes vegan black bean burgers. They're served with tater tots and the half price means your dinner can cost as much as a trip to Starbucks. The dining room is well laid out, with nice booths, and is rarely crowded.

Sticky Fingers (Columbia Heights): This place is a freakin' national treasure. I am usually highly suspicious of ersatz foods such as tofu cheesecake. However, Sticky Fingers is an awesome bakery first and vegan second in my mind. All of the baked goods taste totally authentic. They've also branched out into savory foods. HS and I picked up lasagne and peanut noodles there last week. Everything is vegan. They also make wedding cakes (pictured above). We decided not to have a wedding cake because dessert is already included, but I am set on getting a cake from Sticky's for a special occasion in the future. They have a genius copywriter who uses words like "slathered" and "nestled" to describe their cakes. Mmmm!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...


I wish I lived in DC. I've only been once since turning vegan, and it was so much fun-- Sticky Fingers, Teaism, Soul Veg... aaahhh, vegan paradise!

sarah.lawrance said...

mmm... Sticky Fingers... my personal favourite is the Everlasting Life Food & Juice Bar :) :) :) all-vegan soul food and strange but awesome smoothies!

Amy said...

Yes, Katie, I forgot to put SoulVeg in that entry. Whoops! Sarah, is Everlasting Life a Rasta place?

Fin De Fichier said...

I'm not sure it's possible to get the yogurt thick without using thickeners that commercial yogurts have like pectin. One of my favorite milk yogurts was called Erivan, it had absolutely no ingredient besides milk and the cultures. It was very watery and tart, but delicious.

Anonymous said...

There is a Pectin made from citrus only: http://www.pomonauniversalpectin.com/

Don't know if that would help you with your yogurt or not. Good luck!

always write said...

I go to Java Green all the time - or at least when I'm feeling patient enough to wait in line - and their chicken chili wrap is aMAzing. Very spicy!

Busboys & Poets also has a number of good vegetarian options. And Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan is the closest to Israeli falafel I've found in town.