Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Single Ladies

Mr. RV is away for a few days. (He is sending me desparate text messages from the land of soft rock and bad Chinese food, otherwise known as a retirement community in Florida.) When I'm cooking for myself, I like to make delicate, light food. But you serve a guy a dainty salad and bruschetta for dinner and he's like, that was a good appetizer, but where is the main course?

Tonight I made sushi (and am working on tomato-chard-barley soup to go with it). Please do not laugh at my sushi. This is my first time ever making it. I highly doubt I used the proper Japanese technique, but it came out tasty regardless.

First, I julienned a bunch of stuff: scallions, carrots, baked tofu, and cream cheese (easily omitted, but I had some leftover from last week's blueberry tart).

Then I set out my mat with seaweed, brown rice seasoned with a little vinegar and sugar, and julienned stuff on top.

Next, I realized my seaweed was oriented wrong, and very carefully flipped it (and added the cream cheese).

Then, er, long story short, I huffed and puffed and rolled up the sushi, and cut it into slices.

Et voila! Next, I might try the spicy tempeh roll recipe from Veganomicon. I just didn't have the patience to steam the tempeh tonight.

I've just returned from a few days in Austin, where I stayed at at a great vegetarian B&B. Here are two breakfasts:

I loved the breakfast/diner culture in Austin, and the spicy southwestern food, like this homemade salsa sampler at the South Congress Cafe:

And you've gotta love a trailer repurposed as a cupcake stand! They even had vegan cupcakes!

I've gotta get back to the soup, but I'll close with a picture of an unexpected visitor to my office last week. In the past 6-ish months, we've had George W. Shrub, the pope, and this visitor come. Needless to say, they saved the best for last!


Theresa said...

Your sushi looks pretty good, I think! I'm sure if I tried it there would have been a huge mess.

I had a few days home alone this week, too, and ate light meals as well. In fact, one night for dinner I only had juice, because I just did NOT feel like cooking or eating much.

Vegetation said...

I cook large when the Mr is away (which is one week out of every 2)but mostly because I'm cooking for the kids too. When it's just me (which is rare, but nice when it happens) I eat light. Miso soup is a favourite.

I think your sushi looks fantastic! I've never tried to make sushi. It always seems too intimidating. I really should get onto it though, yours is making me hungry!

Mr. Curious said...

Your sushi looks good. I love making sushi rolls. Lately I just use the nori to roll up whatever I am happen to be having. My next experiment is to make fruit based sushi roll... :)