Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And miles to go before I sleep

This is one of those weeks where blogging takes a backseat. We had a large snowstorm (for the area), and our heat pump is not nearly keeping up with the demands placed upon it. It does not help when the repair company fails to show up on the only day I can be home for them all week.

My main food-related concern this week has been how to keep my eczema in check. I was sick last week, and have still been feeling a bit weak and under the weather. I'm not sure if the illness and eczema are related (common thread=inflammation?), but I'm trying to consume as much Omega-3 as possible. This means a lot of fish and fish oil supplements. It does seem to provide some relief. I'm still trying to work out if these symptoms are all related to candida or not.

Obviously I need to get some sleep to be more coherent. See you next week!


ceri said...

does omega-3 help with the excema?
hope you feel better soon. maybe some indian food will help; you can sweat your illness away!


Vegetation said...

Feel better soon!

One of my daughters gets terrible eczema and it definitely gets worse when she's not well.

Cream wise a good helping of msm cream does wonders, although it can be a little expensive, but at least it doesn't have steroid in it (I wish you were in Australia, I have a cream that would be perfect, but shipping would likely be a killer!)