Friday, May 4, 2007

Can you stand one more post about fasting?

I thought I'd report on my fast in retrospective (2 weeks later). My goals were:

1. Give my digestive system a rest so my body could get to work on healing things like minor skin abrasions that haven't completely healed and my eczema, which is mostly dormant but gives me trouble every so often.

I didn't notice significant healing happening, but I think 48 hours was too short to see anything significant here. My facial skin was nice and glowing during the fast, though, which is commonly reported.

2. Change my relationship to food and stop eating for reasons of boredom, stress, etc.

This was pretty successful for the first week post-fast, but the effects have diminshed. I think I am eating more consciously overall, but I've had a few non-healthy foods since. Since this is a behavior I built up over many years, I think it will take at least a year of hard work to change.

3. Try to budge my body off the weight set point it is so stubbornly defending.

This has been a moderate success. I lost 4 lbs during the fast and have only put 2 back on, even though I have not been especially careful about my diet lately. My body had previously retained the same weight within 5 lbs, no matter if I was eating healthily or badly (up to a point). I haven't been back up to the high point since the fast. I won't use fasting as a weight loss tool, but I thought this was interesting.

Also, I missed working out during the fast, but it didn't seem to set my fitness level back. I ended the fast on Thursday evening and ate only one real meal Friday, but on Saturday I ran 5 miles at about 90% of my usual speed/endurance.

I know the fast was only for 48 hours, but it has given me a lot to think about.

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