Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm strong?

Today at work I was in an all-day class about conflict resolution. Exciting stuff. One of the segments involved arm-wrestling someone else. Yeah, really. I was partnered with Denise, a woman a few years older than me who looks pretty fit, or at least thin. I wondered if she knew how to arm-wrestle because it was so easy for me to pin her arm down. When we finished, she said "Amy, you're really strong! Do you lift weights?" This is the first time anyone has ever called me strong so I had to preen about it here. For the record, I do light weight-lifting but I have no delusions about my upper body strength. Still, I'm going to avoid arm-wrestling anyone else who might burst my bubble.


sarah.lawrance said...

lol superwoman! now you need a superhero name. what about... nah, i got nothing :(

Anonymous said...

How about:

The Vegan Viking of Vengeance?

Spinach cakes bring superhuman strength!


RV Amy said...

Yes, that's a good superhero name for me. I can partner with that masked guy.
Sarah, I haven't forgotten about your glamrock question...I'll write to you soon!