Friday, June 29, 2007

Ginger love

No, not that Ginger Spice. This one: Gracie's Gotcha Ginger. This family-run company based in Baltimore has a stand at my farmer's market, which is at my workplace every Tuesday. Yes, it's wonderful to have the farmers/ family food stands come to me. Great discoveries at the farmer's market include:
--the Strawberry Lady
--the Mushroom stand (mushroom pita sandwiches, fritters, or vegan chili)
--the Spanakopita stand (with about 12 variations, including vegan fillings)
--the Herb guy, who sells every dried herb you can think of and goodies like concord grapes and japanese plums
--the Italian Panini stand, with many non-vegan offerings but also with the sweetest fresh-squeezed oj you've ever had
--Grace's Pastries, makers of the Awesome Bread (whole wheat crunch bread, light as a feather. I bought 4 loaves at the last market of the season and froze them for the winter), not related to
--Gracie's Gotcha Ginger

I've bought two things from Gracie's and they've both been amazing. The Ginger Lemon drink mix is smooth but has a kick. It's in concentrated form and I mix it with lemon/lime seltzer. The Jerk Sauce is an important ingredient in my stir-frys. I only use a few drops but it adds incredible flavor. Ginger, where would I be without you?


Anonymous said...

it does have a nice kick, they should call it Ginger Rogers


Vegetation said...

Yum! I adore ginger. We get a yummy ginger cordial (Kool Aid) over here. I wish I lived close to your farmers markets. They sound amazing. Buy up big and send it all to me please :P

Theresa said...

We eat so much ginger. You really are lucky to have the farmer's market come to you!

vegetation, ginger cordial? I haven't seen this! I guess I've been looking in the wrong places...

urban vegan said...

what a wealth of creative items you can get at your farmer's market. I get a ginger drink at a french restaurant here, which I love. It's so cooling in the summer.

Monika K said...

Love your blog (and the peach chai drink recipe you listed below). (-:


(I was nosy and read your first blog to find out why you were the "reluctant" vegan and had to laugh - I read the same two books which also influenced my decision to go [almost totally] vegan. Giving up the dairy is a daily battle - and I'd be lying if I said I was always successful. But, at least I try - right?)