Monday, March 26, 2007

Is Lent over yet?

Come on, Jesus, why did it have to take you 40 days to rise from the dead? Couldn't you have accomplished it earlier, being the Son of God and all that?

Just kidding, people. No need to send me to the Kids on Fire summer camp for remedial religious tutoring.(And what's with the kid in the banner picture at the top of that page? Does he have stigmata on his face?)

I've heard it on good authority that when you give up something for Lent, you're allowed to indulge in it on Sundays. By that measure, I've been pretty successful at my no sweets except dark chocolate plan. But I had dessert two days in a row this weekend. Both were very good (homemade brownies with soy ice cream, and then sorbet), but I'd like to try and stick to my original plan for the last 2 weeks. I've been proactive by telling the friends I'm visiting in Chicago this weekend of my plan. I admit that I didn't want to tell them, but I plan to have some good Chicago-style pizza and I think that will be enough of a diet transgression.

Giving up sweets has actually not been too hard. I have some really good dark chocolate and a small piece is very satisfying. It also helps that there haven't been many sweets around my office, except for Girl Scout cookies. Post-Lent, I might try to limit myself to dark chocolate during the week and one dessert on the weekend. The reason I tried this in the first place was to control my blood sugar roller-coaster. I think it got worse before it got better (I had some mood swings that might have been due in part to sugar withdrawal), but now I'm feeling pretty good and healthy.


zandria said...

I've heard there are some really good vegan sweets, too. We just have to go out of our way to make them since people tend to shy away. :)

Amy said...

Yes--in fact, the picture comes from Sticky Fingers vegan bakery. But sugar is sugar, vegan or not, and my system doesn't handle it well. Hopefully this sugar fast will help me get that under control!