Thursday, March 1, 2007

Positive reinforcement

God, I love Microsoft Clip Art. The best clip art is the sports series that we had at the magazine I worked at in college (right, Kate?). It was like this but better:

Every image looks like it was lifted from a '70s ad for belted maxi pads.

Anyway, I thought I'd describe the positive changes I've noticed since I cut way back on dairy and increased my fruit and vegetable intake.
1. The extremely itchy, painful eczema that was on my hands is practically gone. Last summer, I regularly wore bandaids on my hands to cover the broken skin, and the eczema almost destroyed a fingernail. I have a few spots once in a while, but it's 95% gone.
2. I have much more energy. I don't have the mid-afternoon or post-dinner drowsiness that I used to.
3. People comment on how good my skin looks.

I hope to see more benefits as I continue to improve my diet.


Katyola said...

Oh my God. Clip art. I remember Nathan putting it in the magazine, and it was so tacky. I have a question for you re: dairy. How are you getting enough calcium?

Anonymous said...

Dang, my racket has a hole in it. No wonder you always beat me at tennis!
Is this Eat to Win or Cheat to Win :)?

Amy said...

HS, it's a love match. :)
Kate, clip art brought us together. As for your calcium question, animal products are acidic and your bones leach out calcium in order to metabolize them. The calcium in animal products is used to replace some of the calcium lost in digesting them. If you don't eat animal products, you don't have that problem. There's enough calcium in vegetables to keep you functioning just fine.

Katyola said...

Thanks for the answer! That makes sense, but I'm not sure I could do without fresh mozzarella.