Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is not a vegan post

I try to stick to vegan-related topics here, but I need to interrupt with a short commercial break. One of my good friends, Monica Favela George, escaped the contracting world last year to launch her own line of shoes, named Gigi Favela. She's worked herself to the bone for several months to produce her first collection. The great news is that 1) her shoes are just as fabulous as she is, 2) the pair above will be featured on Good Morning America today as part of a spring fashion feature. You can also look at her shoes here or here. Before you choke on the price, I must note that these are the best quality shoes I've ever seen, as well as being the most comfortable heels I have (yeah, I admit flats are always more comfortable than heels). Gigi Favela is completely a 1-person operation, and I figure it can't hurt to give Monica another match on Google.

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Anonymous said...

I'd never thougt I'd see a posting about Monica on a vegan website. How wierd. She bought me a pair of doc martens once...and now she's in the shoe business. Go figure.