Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two-handed blogging

Just putting the word out there that this is not my only blog. Check out my other effort here and come Fu-Schnicken with My! Gay! Husband!.

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Anonymous said...

Hey two-handed flogger!, er, BLOGGER! I really dig the cheerleader phrasing for the intro. on "My. Gay. Husband." HA!

Thanks for the product plug for the shooz! (Sorry-- they're not vegan . . . nor are they reluctant ;-0 )

I would love to try out the Okinawa diet when I have a chance to concentrate on my fuel; in the meantime I've been on my own anti-Lenten cupcake bonanza; fatbombs abound and the buttercream frosting is taking the edge off my rock hard (double HA!) yoga bod.

Would eating brown rice sate my cupcake urges?