Friday, March 9, 2007

Ode to a Thin Mint

Thin mint, thin mint, dark and small,
I can’t eat one without eating you all.

Why are you here? For whom were you sent?
Not me, since I gave up cookies for Lent.

You’ve been at my office's front desk all week,
And passing you by, my mood becomes bleak.

But if I had one, I know I couldn't leave;
In an hour, you'd be crumbs and an empty sleeve.

See you next year, same time and same place,
As long as I stay in the Girl Scouts’ good grace.


Katyola said...

That's awesome! I didn't order any Girl Scout cookies this year either — quite a sacrifice.

ceri said...

i bought some thin mints yesterday from some grungy looking girl scouts outside the hybla valley giant. i felt generous in giving half the box to our neighbours. but, really, my favourites are the samoas.