Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sometimes, something's gotta give

What, you were expecting a different image for "something's gotta give?" I am morally opposed to any movie of the past 30 years in which Jack Nicholson plays the romantic lead. My list of men who should keep their shirts on at all times goes like this:
1. Frank Black of the Pixies
2. Jack Nicholson
3. Iggy Pop

Anyway, I've had a few moments where I've just wanted to order pizza or a really big ice cream ("Gotta have a bypass size" or whatever they call it) from Cold Stone Creamery. One of them happened last week after I finished giving a 2.5 hour training class at work. The second one happened yesterday, as I was on my way home and very hungry. I managed the first one with a small latte, and the second one with a very small amount of cheese on a rice/bean/tofu Mexican dish. (For local readers, I really like the grilled tofu option at Moe's southwest grill.) In both cases, I'm glad I kept the craving from getting too far out of hand, and it hasn't been hard to go back to my vegan plan.


Anonymous said...

What better way to illustrate fighting the food fiends than with the godfathers of New York Hardcore! Reminds me of sweaty sunday afternoons in the dank pit of cbgb's. Good times and good exercise!
I still sweat to the oldies, though these days it's more often with a mp3 player and an elliptical trainer.


Amy said...

HS, you are on the list of men I'd LIKE to see with their shirts off...and get ready to mosh with Morrissey!

zandria said...

The best you can do is the best you can! Nobody's perfect, and you're making a great effort. :)

I didn't know that Moe's had a tofu burrito! I've seen their advertisements, but never visited the store. I might have to check that out one day. :)

Katyola said...

OK, point taken about Jack Nicholson, but I have to stand up for "Something's Gotta Give" as a movie. He is with a woman in his age group, Diane Keaton, and she, after all, is the one who the much younger Keanu Reeves falls for. It's much more pro-older woman than the vast majority of movies. So there!

Amy said...

Kate, I see that Diane is only 9 years younger than Jack. I guess that's OK. She certainly is aging more gracefully than he is. Zara, Moe's is tasty, though I am always full for the rest of the day after I eat there.