Thursday, March 8, 2007

Not just a diet

I wanted to post about vegan: the diet versus vegan: the lifestyle. A 100% lifestyle vegan doesn't wear wool, leather or silk. She wouldn't use soap that contained honey. She wouldn't eat sugar without verifying that it was vegan sugar. Would she play soccer if the ball was leather? I don't know.

I applaud people living a vegan lifestyle, but the farthest I can go is being a dietary vegan. Early in my vegetarian years, I didn't buy leather, but my predisposition to athlete's foot nixed the nonbreathable footwear pretty quickly. Plus, I hate bees (except for my bee necklace) and it's fine with me if they live in captivity.


Katyola said...

Yeah, the shoe choices are limited. By the way, tag! you are it:

zandria said...

I got to your site via Katyola (we've both been tagged for her recent meme), and then I just had to say something. Because I'm a new vegan too (as of December), a dietary vegan (not lifestyle), and I'm currently living in Alexandria. How strange is that?